Route Information

Description of each route

We offer a variety of bicycle paths in Taipei and New Taipei City, each with its unique charm and scenery. Please refer to our official website for detailed information on each route: 📌 and the route guide: 📌

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Designated photo spots:

We have selected a few photo spots for each season to help you capture the stunning moments of your ride.

📍June: Waimushan - Stone at the Lover's Lake Beachfront/Lion Park

📍July: Wanjin Bicycle Path - Yehliu Geopark/Chung Chiao Wan International Surfing Base(Oh Bear)

📍August: Bay Tower Bicycle Path - Baishawan Beach/Fugueijiao Lighthouse

📍September: Shuangwan Bicycle Path - Secret /Chilan Sea Platform

Waimushan Bicycle Path

Wanjin Bicycle Path