Event Statement:

  1. Any data collected during this event, whether personal or public information and multimedia data, will be used for this event and related online promotional activities.
  2. The images and photos provided by cyclists for this event are authorized for use, and related graphics, texts, and creation are welcome to be reproduced. Please do not reproduce the uploaded photos by event participants.
  3. In order to reduce carbon emissions, physical certificates will not be provided. If you need a paper certificate, please print it yourself. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  4. The certificate pick-up time for this event is limited to the deadline of the event route in that month. Please upload photos in time and pick up, download, and save the certificate online by yourself. We will not wait for late uploads.
  5. The website system construction of this event adopts AWS cloud service (Amazon Web Services, AWS is the cloud service provider with the largest green energy purchasing volume in Asia).
  6. The carbon emission reduction calculation method indicated in this event is as follows: print paper and transportation: 12g, small passenger car per kilometer: 160g.
  7. In this certification event, if it is found that participants maliciously participate repeatedly, use fake, false photos, and other situations, the organizer can exclude them from participating in the lucky draw and winning qualifications.
  8. If there are any matters not covered by the registration regulations of this event, the Beiguan Office and the contractor entrusted by the Beiguan Office reserve the right to modify them at any time.
  9. Contact information for event inquiries:

Carbon Emission Reduction

  1. Waimushan Bike Path (6.2KM): 1004g
  2. Wanjin Bike Path (15KM): 2412g
  3. Wanta Bike Path (3KM): 492g
  4. Shuangwan Bike Path (8KM): 1292g

Contact Person: Ms. Jin: 0958-202-848

Online Inquiry: Beiguan-Happy North Coast Fans Club or Contact Us