Event Schedule Overview

Item Mileage Activities Lottery Time
Wai-Mu-Shan 5KM June: Wai-Mu-Shan - Lover's Lake Coastal Stone/Lion Park 2023/7/5
Wanjin 15KM July: Wanjin Bicycle Path - Yehliu Geopark / Zhongjiao Bay International Surfing Base (Oh Bear) 2023/8/5
Wan-Tai 3KM August: Wan-Tai Bicycle Trail - Baishawan / Fuguei Cape Lighthouse 2023/9/5
Shuangwan 8KM September: Shuangwan Bicycle Trail - Secret / Chilan Seashore Platform 2023/10/5
Four Routes Value-Added Feedback The four routes of Wan-Tai, Wai-Mu-Shan, Shuangwan, and Wanjin are all completed. 2023/10/10
Value-Added Feedback Each month's certificate will be posted on the North View fan page post comment area and the post will be shared. 1. 2023/7/10
  1. 2023/8/10
  2. 2023/9/10
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